Sunday, September 01, 2002

The one who coughs at it

He coughs, he coughs at it, the it of the soul, he coughs, right at the moment she sings it
He coughs at it, when she sings the poem
He coughs at the it of the soul, the it she carries in her soul
The one of it, the one in it, the it of the one it sings, you know
It is the song of the unsaid, the song of the one not said, never saying it
In it, the it of the song one sings, that it, it stays perpetually not said
Then he coughs, the one who listen to it,not hearing, but listening, he coughs at it
He coughs when she sings it at him, but he coughsat it of no it
The singer of the it, the it singer, the one who encounters the it of no saying wonders!
How does it one do it, coughing at the it of the one , the it of the movement , the one it moves the soul!
How one is doing it, do the rupture at the it of the all it, the poem
How one dares to do it, i know, how it is been coughed by it, the one who hits at it
He is the one who was eaten by it, by the soul of the it, the it of the song unheard
He , the cougher, the yauner, he is the one been eaten by the force of the it, the it of the poem
He coughs at the moment the it of the eater eats his gusts, he the looser, the cougher, keep coughing
He the cough of the it , the eater of the song , the it who eats the ear never heard it, the ear of no hearing it
There it goes the poem, and hits the one who coughs at it of the no it,

Tuesday, July 16, 2002

it is the road which it curves
it did curve in her eyes
standing at the edge of the moment
it road in the distance
rythem of the a song muted
hair spreading at the edge
no return, from the curve of the wind
then pose I did on what
no the curve winding the move
it moved she the curve
silence ,
one in the distance

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Saturday, July 13, 2002

It is the wind, the calculator
The one it measures the measureless
It was in the wind of the numbers she left
The moment she winds in the wind

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